Worst Logos


When customers take a quick look at a company, they decide a lot about it right away. Just a quick look at your company logo or a quick look at your business card makes all the difference in the customer’s mind. Your business logo has a lot of impacts. It is more likely that the imaged formed was more because of the logo, not the company name. The key to catching and holding their attention is having a logo that broadcasts the correct message. It can be a lot harder than you think to get some much information into just one tiny graphic. A company’s first statement about its position in the market is its logo, be it a typeface, monogram, or symbol. A company with a poor logo makes the customers lose interest in it.


Worst logos are those that are poorly designed hence they don’t represent the key initial marketing message of the company. Businesses whose logos fail to grab a customer’s eye right away may lose their attention altogether. Logos are critical components of a firm’s branding, and, therefore, should not be altered without significant deliberation.


To avoid cases of having some the worst logo developer, one should evaluate examples of his or her more current work. A Word Perfect program is as likely to turn a typist into a novelist as an Adobe Illustrator program is to make an amateur artist into an expert logo outline. To get the best blend of creativity and knowledge, the logo architect will require some data about your business. This should be one of the first things that your logo designer asks for, otherwise, they will not have the information necessary to draw in the customers you are looking for.  When you give your logo designer information about your business make sure you include information about all of the services you offer.  If you are a lawn care company that also happens to do tree service, let them know.  But if you are exclusively a tree service company it is important for them to know that too.


Some of the best logos have been as little as $300 and some of the worst logos have cost $1 million. A high cost for a logo doesn’t mean that you will definitely get the best logo for your business. Avoid running a contest for finding a new company logo. A company owner needs to have a bearing on the image that is to be made, but they should allow the design to look proficient, as well. Actually, an entrepreneur should not by any stretch of the imagination even be a definite decision maker on the venture unless she or he has some critical artistic capacity.


Another aspect to consider is that the owner should ensure that he has access to several designs from which to pick and choose from.

Many logos appear to be good logos, but for the company they are representing, are not right. For example, just assume of a business that works with a lot of diverse products. But if the logo that is used to brand the company only shows a small segment of what your business has to offer, people will assume that you specialize only in that area and will be able to offer them nothing else. Once you have a logo that truly suits your business, there are other things you need to do.


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