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Worst Logos


When customers take a quick look at a company, they decide a lot about it right away. Just a quick look at your company logo or a quick look at your business card makes all the difference in the customer’s mind. Your business logo has a lot of impacts. It is more likely that the imaged formed was more because of the logo, not the company name. The key to catching and holding their attention is having a logo that broadcasts the correct message. It can be a lot harder than you think to get some much information into just one tiny graphic. A company’s first statement about its position in the market is its logo, be it a typeface, monogram, or symbol. A company with a poor logo makes the customers lose interest in it.


Worst logos are those that are poorly designed hence they don’t represent the key initial marketing message of the company. Businesses whose logos fail to grab a customer’s eye right away may lose their attention altogether. Logos are critical components of a firm’s branding, and, therefore, should not be altered without significant deliberation.


To avoid cases of having some the worst logo developer, one should evaluate examples of his or her more current work. A Word Perfect program is as likely to turn a typist into a novelist as an Adobe Illustrator program is to make an amateur artist into an expert logo outline. To get the best blend of creativity and knowledge, the logo architect will require some data about your business. This should be one of the first things that your logo designer asks for, otherwise, they will not have the information necessary to draw in the customers you are looking for.  When you give your logo designer information about your business make sure you include information about all of the services you offer.  If you are a lawn care company that also happens to do tree service, let them know.  But if you are exclusively a tree service company it is important for them to know that too.


Some of the best logos have been as little as $300 and some of the worst logos have cost $1 million. A high cost for a logo doesn’t mean that you will definitely get the best logo for your business. Avoid running a contest for finding a new company logo. A company owner needs to have a bearing on the image that is to be made, but they should allow the design to look proficient, as well. Actually, an entrepreneur should not by any stretch of the imagination even be a definite decision maker on the venture unless she or he has some critical artistic capacity.


Another aspect to consider is that the owner should ensure that he has access to several designs from which to pick and choose from.

Many logos appear to be good logos, but for the company they are representing, are not right. For example, just assume of a business that works with a lot of diverse products. But if the logo that is used to brand the company only shows a small segment of what your business has to offer, people will assume that you specialize only in that area and will be able to offer them nothing else. Once you have a logo that truly suits your business, there are other things you need to do.


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Most Famous Logos


Companies that seek to create a strong brand as well as distinguish themselves from other companies resort to logos as one of the best means to do that – and this applies to Beaverton carpet cleaning, clothing designers and everything in between. As you may have noticed already, famous logos are unlike any of the other logos in appearance. They are visually distinctive, relevant, consistent, legible, and simple. Below is a pantheon of some of the world-famous logos:

The Coca-Cola Logo

The Coca-Cola logo is reputedly one of the greatest and most famous logos ever created on the face of the earth. The early versions of the logo were created in 1885 by one Frank Mason Robinson. Frank Mason Robinson, who doubled up as John Pemberton’s bookkeeper and associate, thought that the two Cs are good for advertising. Therefore, he came up with an aesthetically appealing as well as a distinctive cursive handwritten typeface.

The logo, the Coca-Cola logo, first appeared in an advert in the Atlanta Journal in 1915. It got registered as a trademark in 1887 and through the years has been the brand’s exclusive corporate identity.

The Coca-Cola logo’s red and white color scheme is playful and simple so as to draw the young audience. The white color symbolizes the elegance and charm of the Coca-Cola brand while the red color represents determination, youthfulness, passion, and vitality.

FedEx Corporation

In 1973, Richard Runyon created the earliest logo for the Federal Express Corporation. The company’s name was then in a diagonal position on a white and blue background. After the company was immensely successful as a global delivery firm, there was a need for an innovative redesign as well as massive advertising to support it.

Therefore, in 1994, the present version of the FedEx logo was designed by Lindon Leader of Landor Associates. It became a big success. The current logo employs subtle symbolism to convey the brand’s message. The space between the ‘E’ and ‘X’ in the FedEx logo turns out to be an arrow pointing rightwards.

The arrow often eludes many viewers but becomes quite apparent when noticed. The arrow typifies forward movement, precision and thinking.

The logo has won several prestigious design awards and is feted as one of the greatest logos ever designed.


The Facebook logo is an instantly recognizable logo and one of the most popular in the world. It has obstinately refused change since its inception. It consists of a rectangular box, and the social network’s name in lowercase characters is enclosed within it.

It is noted the world over for its clarity, simplicity, and consistency, thus garnering a huge amount of attention from and in the media. In 2010, Facebook was feted as the 20th most valuable technology brand.

The Facebook logo uses a blue and white color scheme. White signifies charm, elegance, and purity, while blue stands for excellence, grace and approachability.

Nike Logo

The swoosh in the Nike logo depicts the wing in the statue of the Greek Goddess of victory known as Nike, who impacted very many valiant Greek warriors. The original mark was called the strip, but later it was referred to as the Swoosh to refer to the fibers used in Nike shoes.

Traditionally, the Nike logo uses the white and red color palette. Red symbolizes energy, joy, and passion while white represents charm, purity and nobility.

As can be seen above, the success of a brand sometimes depends on how powerful its logo is. Therefore, it ‘s nice to have a cool logo for brand success.

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How to Design a Logo


If you just started a business or company, the first thing you need to get before you even begin designing a business card or choosing colors for the letterhead is a logo.

Therefore, you will first need to design your company’s logo before anything else.

The logo should be created in such a way that it reflects the overall image of the company: it should simply tell people what your company is all about.

While you are designing your company’s logo, make sure to use colors and graphics creatively to convey a message that will immediately strike a chord with the customers.

Assume for instance that your product is a natural facial cream, and the consumers are health-conscious people. The logo’s message should, therefore, embody the product’s health benefits. In such a case you will also want to create a logo that gives the impression that the product is a back-to-basics one by using earth tones and a plain typeface. It would be foolhardy if you were to give the same product a slick, high-tech appearance complete with neon colors.

There are two basic forms of logos: a stylized rendition of the business’ name and an abstract symbol. You can use any of the two forms or combine them. However, some pundits are wary that going with an abstract logo can prove costly for fledgling companies that are on a budget. Besides, abstract logos are difficult to remember. But if you are a small business, and you want to use an abstract logo, it is prudent to use it in connection or alongside your business name.

Should You Create the Logo Your Own or Contract Someone to Do It for You?

Because many professional design firms charge a lot of money to create a logo, many entrepreneurs often opt to create logos on their own so as to save the cost.

But all is not gloom for entrepreneurs on a tight budget. Many independent designers charge little to design a logo for you. They sometimes advertise online. Based on their experience, their rates may range from $35 to $150 each hour.

However, it is not wise to contract someone solely based on their bargain price. Try find a designer who charges fairly and is competitive in the field. Moreover, it is good to remember that a good logo is meant to last for at least ten years. So, consider the amortization of the cost over a decade, and you might find it is not a bad deal after all.

Some entrepreneurs who possess a good eye for color and an idea of what they want their logo to look like feel confident that they can ably design and create their own logo. While that can work in some cases, but it does not always turn out right. You should consult a professional logo designer. There are some nuances in logo design and creation that will elude an amateur. Moreover, professional designers know if a logo design will transfer easily or not, and if it would cost too much to get it printed.

Spending a little more in the design and creation of your logo now shouldn’t hurt so much as it will definitely pay off later

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Tips for Hiring a Logo Designer


Buying something important requires lots of brainstorming, research and patience because even a small wrong move can mess things up badly. Depending on the nature of your need, you may have to spend more time for one thing than the other. Whether you buy a product or acquire the services of a company, your hard earned money will always be involved. Since you will want to get the most out of your money, you will have to be patient.

If you are a business owner, then your logo design stands as one of the most significant things that can directly affect your business. This is why when you are ready to select a logo designer to create your brand identity to help you look unique and professional, you need to think wisely. The wisest thing will be that you must not rush, especially if your knowledge related to design is zero or close to it. Now, to help you out, here are 5 tips for you that will allow you to hire a professional logo designer for your brand identity design.

The first thing that you need to decide is that if you want to hire a freelance logo designer or acquire the services of a professional custom logo design company. With freelance designer, you will have to stay in touch with the designer and check the progress yourself. Whereas if you hire a company, then they will take care of everything for you and send you the files to review and provide feedback. So, you are the best person to decide which route you should take.

The second thing that you need to decide is that if you will feel comfortable hiring a designer online or it will be better to work for a local company. When you deal with an online company (which is normal now), you place an order on their website and communicate with them via phone or email. If you buy from a local company, then you will have to visit them from time to time, especially to pay. So, decide the best route.

As you begin your search, one thing that you need to keep in mind is your budget. Different designers and companies will have different rates. So, you will have to check out their prices too. This is why don’t just look at their Bio and Portfolio first, because if they charge $1000 or more, whereas you can’t pay more than $150, then it will be a total waste of time for you.

When you hire a designer, ensure that you will receive a few concepts, preferably 3 or 4 at least. This will allow you to see which one will better represent your business and you will also be able to mix different elements to finalize a perfect logo.

In case that your financial plan is tight, then choose that in the event that you truly require the logo now. Don’t simply go and contract a modest and amateurish architect only for the sole purpose of planning. To start with, assemble enough cash and after that go for an expert originator.

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