How to Design a Logo


If you just started a business or company, the first thing you need to get before you even begin designing a business card or choosing colors for the letterhead is a logo.

Therefore, you will first need to design your company’s logo before anything else.

The logo should be created in such a way that it reflects the overall image of the company: it should simply tell people what your company is all about.

While you are designing your company’s logo, make sure to use colors and graphics creatively to convey a message that will immediately strike a chord with the customers.

Assume for instance that your product is a natural facial cream, and the consumers are health-conscious people. The logo’s message should, therefore, embody the product’s health benefits. In such a case you will also want to create a logo that gives the impression that the product is a back-to-basics one by using earth tones and a plain typeface. It would be foolhardy if you were to give the same product a slick, high-tech appearance complete with neon colors.

There are two basic forms of logos: a stylized rendition of the business’ name and an abstract symbol. You can use any of the two forms or combine them. However, some pundits are wary that going with an abstract logo can prove costly for fledgling companies that are on a budget. Besides, abstract logos are difficult to remember. But if you are a small business, and you want to use an abstract logo, it is prudent to use it in connection or alongside your business name.

Should You Create the Logo Your Own or Contract Someone to Do It for You?

Because many professional design firms charge a lot of money to create a logo, many entrepreneurs often opt to create logos on their own so as to save the cost.

But all is not gloom for entrepreneurs on a tight budget. Many independent designers charge little to design a logo for you. They sometimes advertise online. Based on their experience, their rates may range from $35 to $150 each hour.

However, it is not wise to contract someone solely based on their bargain price. Try find a designer who charges fairly and is competitive in the field. Moreover, it is good to remember that a good logo is meant to last for at least ten years. So, consider the amortization of the cost over a decade, and you might find it is not a bad deal after all.

Some entrepreneurs who possess a good eye for color and an idea of what they want their logo to look like feel confident that they can ably design and create their own logo. While that can work in some cases, but it does not always turn out right. You should consult a professional logo designer. There are some nuances in logo design and creation that will elude an amateur. Moreover, professional designers know if a logo design will transfer easily or not, and if it would cost too much to get it printed.

Spending a little more in the design and creation of your logo now shouldn’t hurt so much as it will definitely pay off later

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